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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in my one year warranty and what is not covered?
How do I send my watch in for warranty service?
How do I get an estimate for a repair?
Repairs/ Replacement parts
I don't know how to use my watch, where can I find a manual?
How do I remove links from my watch?
How do I change my battery?
How do I get a replacement for my water damaged watch?
Why is my watch running slow?
Why do I have to pay for shipping if the watch is under warranty?
How do I use the butterfly clasp on my JBW watch?
Can I buy a new JBW replacement band?
How long does a watch repair take?
Can I purchase extra links for my watch?
How do I clean the leather band of my watch?
Is my watch made out of solid gold?
What is the quality of the diamonds used in JBW watches?
I purchased a JBW watch from a retailer (not on jbw.com). How can I get a refund or return my watch?
I purchased a watch on jbw.com. How can I get a refund or return my watch?
How long does it take to process my return?
Buying Online
Why have I not received my confirmation email?
Where can I buy your watches?
Are custom taxes and/or duty charges included in the price of my watch?
Why are some prices different on your website and other retail websites, such as Amazon?