Sharing Time

Sharing Time

Time moves differently around the holidays. The year, after rushing by for twelve months, starts to slow its pace. Some moments are joyfully suspended, cementing themselves into your memories, while others slip before you can even notice. Our Holiday 2022 campaign, Sharing Time, is dedicated to the former: The golden hours you share with the ones you love, whether that’s family you were given or family you made. 

Model is wearing Mink PS.

We hope that JBW can play a small role in those moments – measuring, marking, serving as a symbol of celebrations or congratulations. At the end of the day (or, in this case, the year) that’s what we’re after. We want our watches to commemorate those beautiful times and symbolize the promise of more ahead. 

Featuring Arc Double.

Happy Holidays from the team at JBW. Our wish for you is the greatest luxury – days, hours, and minutes that you can savor.

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