A Moment in Time.

19 Jun, 2020 / JBW Watches

Almost overnight the world responded to another unjustified death of an unarmed African American by the hands of a police officer. As the inequality of the black community continues, we asked ourselves, “How do we respond? How should we respond? Or should we respond?”

Collectively we agreed that intangible time is our most valuable asset and we need to utilize our time to bring a different perspective to the chaos that flood our social media platforms. This moment in time will be apart of history and it’s very important that we take the time to fully understand the issues we are facing.

And as our nation continues to heal we shift our focus to Juneteenth, the oldest known celebration honoring the end of slavery in the United States and the celebration of belated liberation for African Americans. Juneteenth asks us to consider the promises of freedom not yet fully realized in the United States.

In celebration of Juneteenth, we asked our family, friends and community to capture their experiences of this moment in time through the lens of a disposable camera. No edits, no filters and no delete button to capture the raw, pure and honest challenges we face every day.

Over the next coming weeks, we will share the film content captured by our JBW network.



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