In 1950 the Meghani family became mavericks in the timepiece industry, distributing Swiss timepieces in the untapped market of India.

Business for the Meghani family takes off as they launch four timepiece retail shops in Dubai.

Akber Meghani, 2nd generation of the family trade, moves distributing efforts to Dallas, TX.

Akber's son and daughter, Amir and Shabeena, join the family business as Co-CEOs to launch JBW Diamond Timepieces. Together, they develop the first line of luxury diamond timepieces; Olympia, Jet Setter, Phantom, Saxon and Victory.

After establishing a core line of genuine diamond timepieces, JBW expands globally with worldwide retailers in Paris, London, Dubai, and Sydney.

Celebrating a Decade of Diamonds, JBW has become a staple in the luxury timepiece industry. JBW has sold over 6.8 million diamonds, in 40 countries, creating over 250 unique timepieces.

With sights on the future, JBW continues to push diamond timepiece innovation. JBW purchases are investments for future generations of risk-takers. With a commitment to quality, unique craftsmanship, and concierge services, JBW strives to continually make bold moves.



Sold since our launch in 2008



A decade of bold diamond timepieces



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JBW strives to stand apart from the ordinary. We create global designs that have a strong presence and exude confidence and power. Our timepieces are made for risk-takers who wish to make their own empire in any corner of the world. JBW sells timepieces in 40 countries and continues to expand globally.




At JBW, we focus on creating designs that stand out in the marketplace and represent a new age of luxury timepieces. Our designs are made for watch connoisseurs and rule breakers who are looking to elevate their game by adding a powerful presence to their watch collection.


Diamonds are JBW's specialty. Each diamond is natural and sourced directly from the earth. We meticulously inspect each diamond to ensure the utmost quality. These incredible stones are then refined and carefully set on each timepiece. JBW guarantees the diamonds in each of our timepieces to be 100% genuine.


JBW timepieces are crafted using the finest materials from 18k gold plated stainless steel to ion plated black finishes.


All of JBW’s watches exceed luxury quality standards in terms of the construction, water-resistance, and movement precision. In the heart of our timepieces are Swiss movements, ensuring accuracy and longevity for each design. These movements range from simple 3-hand functionality to multiple time-zones.


Every timepiece is delivered inside a custom hinged JBW box and includes a diamond certification and authenticity card, owner's manual, and warranty registration card.



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