Non Warranty Service


We know you love your watch and take care of it, but some times accidents happen. If you need to get a broken part fixed or purchase an additional strap, we can help. Here is a price list for non-warranty repairs and additional parts.

To send your watch in for service, click here.

To order additional parts, send us an email or call us at at 1-866-408-1600 from 8am to 5pm CST (Monday – Friday).


Regular Watch 8.00
Water Resistant Watch 10.00
Driver Watch 15.00


Quartz Movement 22.00
Quartz Chronograph 35.00
Mechanical Movement 35.00
Automatic Movement 35.00
Automatic Chronograph 55.00
Circuit or Movement 55.00


Metal Band 45.00
Leather Band (Men's) 30.00
Leather Band (Women's) 25.00
Specialty Bands Price Varies
Rubber Band 35.00
Metal Band Link 8.00
Band Buckle/Clasp 10.00
Spring(s)/Screw 3.00-5.00


New Crystal 20.00
Crown & Stem 15.00
Crown Only 8.00
Gasket Case Back 10.00
Watch Pusher 18.00
Watch Case 50.00
Dial 30.00
Band Adjustment 8.00