Coast: Capturing Freedom and Fresh Beginnings

Coast: Capturing Freedom and Fresh Beginnings

As a creative director, there are moments when the stars align, and a project takes on a life of its own. The concept of the Coast campaign is one of those moments. An exploration of wide-open spaces, the exhilarating feeling of freedom, and the clarity that comes with moving toward something new. For me, nature has always been the ultimate source of inspiration and liberation. It's a place where I find a fresh mental reset, where the world's noise fades away, and the path to creativity opens up. There's nothing quite like immersing yourself in nature to experience the ultimate sense of freedom and gain a refreshing mental reset.

Thinking about who could embody this sense of freedom and authenticity for this campaign, one person immediately came to mind: Yves Mathieu. Yves is not just a model or an artist; he is a genuine soul, one of the most humble, sweetest, and selfless people I have the privilege of knowing. Yves is the waking version of what community is and a testament to what courage and endurance truly mean. I admire him not just as a talent but as a person and I can't express how much I appreciate having him as the face of this campaign.

Initially, we had plans for the photoshoot to take place in the lush landscape of upstate New York, but fate had other ideas. The weather gods led us to pivot to Atlanta, and it felt nothing short of divine. Atlanta is where my roots lie; it's my home away from home. As a proud Alabamian, nature has always resonated with me, and the South has a special place in my heart. The decision to shoot in Atlanta felt like a homecoming, a return to the source of my inspiration. A familiar landscape for the backdrop of the photoshoot.

To make this project a reality, we assembled a dream team. Our talented photographer, Chris Baker, hails from the Atlanta area, and I've admired his work for years. When the opportunity arose for us to collaborate, I was all in. Chris has an extraordinary ability to capture the essence of a moment, and I knew he was the perfect person to bring our vision to life.

Marion Kelly, the stylist, is not just a colleague; he's a dear friend. We've grown together in the fashion industry, and I couldn't be more honored and elated to work alongside someone I admire both professionally and personally. Marion has a way of evoking feeling through clothing and that’s not an easy task to do. Marion's touch is the final piece of the puzzle that will elevate this campaign to new heights.

Those two days in Atlanta were probably my favorite photoshoots. Not because of what we made, but because of the connection we built. I can't help but be thankful. glad for the spontaneity that brought us to Atlanta, glad for the opportunity to work with Yves, Chris, and Marion, and grateful for the opportunity to share the enchantment of nature and the strength of creative collaboration. Our Coast campaign is more than simply a project; it exemplifies the value of following your heart and finding inspiration in unexpected places. I'm thrilled to be able to share this beautifully crafted campaign with you. I hope you like it.

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