About Reserve

JBW RESERVE is ticking into a new era. We’re taking the next leap in our quest to create original, stand-out timepieces created to serve as uniquely bold statements of design. This is where creativity meets freedom. The daring is in the details. The impression is amplified. 

JBW RESERVE brings to our audiences the apex outcomes of one-of-a-kind style explorations from our design studio. Each collection is produced in a limited run, each timepiece individually and uniquely numbered. This is where we push the boundaries of watch design a little further with every gem, hue, and curve explored. 

Defy the ordinary. It’s time to play with time.   

Transforming Time

Elmo Mistiaen, aka @aidesign.png, morphs the Reserve Coast into an otherworldly creation. We delved into his world of AI to learn more about his craft and inspiration for this project.

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Latest Reviews

“The design and looks of this watch are absolutely beautiful. Haven't worn it yet but I know when I do it will turn heads. IT IS A SHOW STOPPER!! The way you package your watches is excellent! I bought 4 JBW watches in total and I love wearing them. Keep up the good work.”

– Olden W.

“"I’ve gotten so many compliments wearing this watch. It’s a crowd pleaser.”

– Bruce J.

“Upon receiving and opening this beautiful time piece. I became immediately fixated on its blue luster. I purchased this piece as a Valentine gift for my wife. I couldn't help my self and presented it to her sooner. Needless to say, she has been overwhelmingly pleased. My only regret is that I didn't purchase one for myself!”

– Gregory P.

Past Releases
  • Sold Out
    RESERVE Amethyst
    December 2021
  • Sold Out
    RESERVE Echelon
    May 2021
  • Sold Out
    RESERVE Emerald
    December 2020
  • Sold Out
    RESERVE Ruby
    July 2020