JBW was created on the pillars of statement-making design, shine, and the power of storytelling. With a mission to reimagine time through innovative design, premium materials, hand-set diamonds, and crystalized gems, we’re inspired by the cross-section where design meets art and function meets self-expression. We are here to challenge ideas of watch design and blur the lines between timepieces & jewelry. We create timepieces that are bold proclamations of individuality, aspiring to ignite a spirit within our community to celebrate their distinctive style.

Independent and family-owned, JBW was founded in 2008 by siblings Amir and Shabeena Meghani, extending the Meghani family’s 7 decades of experience and global journey from watch traders to watch makers.

JBW timepieces are design and detail-driven statement pieces. High-end hardware born out of a passion to challenge notions of watch design. The JBW portfolio spans innovative takes on classic silhouettes to avant-garde explorations into re-imagining time as standout statements of style itself.

We thrive on shaping the new — combining sustainably created and high value lab-grown diamonds, first class stainless steel, reliable IP plating technology, best in class movement partners and premium crystals. We aim to amplify the presence of each watch component in products that are even greater than the sum of their hand-selected parts.

Learn more about our materials here: Premium Shine