Reserve Unlocked: Uzumaki’s World

Reserve Unlocked: Uzumaki’s World

Uzumaki x JBW for ComplexCon

Step into an enchanting realm where dreams materialize, meticulously crafted to immerse you in a magical experience. In collaboration with Uzumaki Gallery, we've fashioned a captivating booth that invites consumers to step into a convergence of RESERVE Prism and Uzumaki's artistic world. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors of RESERVE Prism, Uzumaki, a Los Angeles Textile Contemporary Artist known for her diverse works in installations, furniture, paintings, and clothing, designed a bedroom masterpiece for our installation at ComplexCon 2023.

Uzumaki Cepeda, a Bronx-born, Los Angeles-based artist, creates sculptures, paintings, installations, collages, and photography that explore the negotiation of safety, comfort, and agency through objects and space. As a first-generation American woman of Dominican heritage, her textile tableau serves as safe spaces for Black and Brown individuals, addressing stigmas surrounding homophobia, transphobia, racism, and colorism. Uzumaki transforms everyday objects, with brightly-colored faux fur, into interactive installations.


Her dream-like and vibrant creations are rooted in her childhood imagination, shaped by her upbringing in the Dominican Republic and the Bronx. Uzumaki Cepeda's interactive installations have graced prestigious exhibitions such as Craft Contemporary in Los Angeles, CA (2018), Contemporary Native Art Biennial in Art Mûr Montréal, Canada (2018), Agenda Show in Los Angeles, CA (2018), Reparations Club Gallery in Los Angeles, CA (2019), Complex Con in Long Beach, CA (2016, 2019, 2022, and now 2023), and Refinery29's 29Rooms (2019).

Uzumaki's impactful work has garnered recognition in various print and digital publications, including Forbes, Teen Vogue, Paper, NYLON, i-D, HypeBAE, L.A. Weekly, and The Fader.

In heartfelt gratitude, we extend our thanks to Uzumaki Cepeda for incorporating JBW into her world for this ComplexCon installation. Uzumaki's visionary artistry and collaboration have enriched our RESERVE Prism experience, creating a truly magical fusion that captivates and transcends.

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