The Melodic Hue of OUT.OF.OFFICE

The Melodic Hue of OUT.OF.OFFICE

Meet Brandon Dixon, widely recognized by his stage name OUT.OF.OFFICE, a multi-talented individual hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. A master of spinning tunes and a cultural connoisseur, Brandon has established himself as a DJ, musician, project manager, event strategist, and cultural visionary. With a decade spent in New York City, he's become a fixture in the world of beats and beyond.

He took his first step into the world of DJing at the age of 13. Imagine, over 20 years later, and he's still as passionate as ever. “That moment you touch vinyl or touch your first cross-fader, that's the magical entry into DJing,” Brandon said.

His journey started with project management in the fashion and media domain. While working at Complex and Highsnobiety, he was also crafting beats. He had the chance to spin his sounds across Berlin, Japan, Paris, and more. Eventually, the scales tipped in favor of DJing, pulling him away from his day job. A Tokyo gig meant a two-week hiatus, and that's when it truly hit him that this could be his path. It's exciting how his corporate connections melded with his creative pursuits, guiding him toward the uncharted.

His style can be encapsulated in one word: "Journey." Each set he spins is similar to catching a film midway, engulfing the audience in an immersive experience. With ebbs, flows, and even skits, his sets become more than just music; they're stories. His heart resides in hip-hop, but it's taken on an international and house music twist that remains rooted in hip-hop essence.

For his influence of the past in music, Brandon has been awed by the brilliance of Tim Trees, an early 2000s beatmaker who crafted the iconic "Bankrolls." Trees laid the foundation for Baltimore artists. Porkchop, a radio legend and emcee, influenced him deeply with his ability to command a room. In the present, artists like Butch Dawson, Al Rodgers Jr, and DJ Sun ignite the Baltimore scene with energy and sound.

The playlist Bandon curated for us took shape during his recent Bermuda vacation, where the soundscape ignited inspiration. His goal was to capture the essence of summer vacation feelings while paying honor to hip-hop's 50-year legacy, which can be heard throughout the playlist. It's a sonic journey through time and space, providing insight into the diaspora and the historical evolution of hip-hop over five decades. Listen to the playlist HERE.

We asked about how the attributes of the new Reserve Amethyst timepiece resonate with him. He responded: "Purple symbolizes royalty, nobility, wealth, power, and ambition. As a Baltimore Ravens enthusiast, this hue echoes with regal sentiments. We're kings and queens of our realms, embodying these qualities through our actions. As a sonic pioneer, his vibrancy and vigor paved the way for his journey's destinations."

Come early September, Brandon will make an appearance at the Indie Plaza Festival, a one-day music festival backed by Rockefeller Plaza and Rough Trade. Beyond that, he's been working on an immersive program that delves into the spatial design of music perception, all under his moniker. Anticipation builds for this groundbreaking project, which is poised to debut in the upcoming year.

With beats as his language and culture as his canvas, DJ OUT.OF.OFFICE embodies the essence of a musical journeyman and cultural architect. His story is one of passion, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of creative evolution.


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