Transforming Time

Transforming Time

Elmo Mistiaen, aka @aidesign.png, morphs the Reserve Coast into an otherworldly creation. We delved into his world of AI, to learn more about his craft and inspiration for this project.

Your work uniquely blends biomorphic designs with fashion. Can you share a story or experience that initially sparked this interest in combining nature and technology in your designs?

My images are heavily influenced by my fascination with organic shapes, nature, insects, and plants. I was always obsessed with insects and cool-looking environments when I was younger. I incorporate these influences into my images whether it be through the use of patterns, textures, or shapes, I frequently combine these elements with the fashion elements. These components give my work some intrigue and otherworldliness.

How do you gauge success in your experimental work?

If they spark some curiosity, look unique and surreal while still striking and beautiful to look at.

What are common misconceptions about AI-generated art and how do you address them?

There is a large difference in workflow between just AI-generating an image using prompts using the main AI-model programs and truly integrating existing products or original photography and transforming or evolving these original works with AI technologies.

How has your creative process changed with AI, and what lessons have you learned through that?

With using AI you can truly create some unique and surreal ways of evolving products, especially into organic and weird shapes. You can start thinking out of the box and unleashing your creativity, like for example transforming a watch into a weird coral organic structure.

How do you envision the relationship between digital and physical art evolving?

I love creating a visual digital world or almost backstory/lore for a physical piece as if it is an image of the piece in its natural environment. How would someone find the item growing in the wild, even when it wouldn’t make any sense for an item or product to be grown in the wild or in that environment? I think there is great potential and creativity still to explore when combining digital and physical art.

Do you think there are any ethical concerns artists should worry about when it comes to AI?

The ethical concerns of using some AI programs are important to think about. But I find that these concerns become less relevant when starting from an original photograph or your source images. Then it just builds on top of your work, and then there is not a lot of difference between working on any digital medium.

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