Arc Essential

Often, identical twins are perceived as two halves of a whole, inseparable, and interconnected. Their unique bond allows them to complete each other's sentences, understand each other's thoughts, and tune into each other's emotions. Yet, they also carve out their individual identities, shaped by their partners, interests, and friendships. 

Our fresh line of single and double Arcs aims to delve into this intriguing dichotomy. They're the catalyst for a journey exploring the harmony between the twins' profound connection and their distinctive individuality. These timepieces don't just tell time, they tell stories, allowing individuals to celebrate both their togetherness and singularity in a striking, stylish manner.


Product Design: Efrain Villa, Michael French
Creative Direction: Jessi Jacq
Photography: Kalan Briggs
Photography Assistant: Addiel Guevara
Styling: Marion Kelly III
Styling Assistant: Medgine Senecharles
Art Direction: Anna Rizkalla
Graphic Design: Jonathan Lucio
Beauty: Sadé-Amour Mirabal
Talent: Jessica & Joyce Gayo, Aaron & Drew Laporte

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