Mink Petite

March is International Women’s Month, and we want to pay homage to some of the successful women in the creative space who started from scratch and are working to leave a legacy that will be passed down. The Mink Petite timepiece is created with style and grace at top of mind, but also resembles strength in the bold lines and sweeping lugs that frame the case. The Mink Petite is a sophisticated take on what a woman’s everyday watch looks like for JBW, carving out a space where two worlds to collide; bold and beautiful women to stand against a bold and beautiful design.


Product Design: Efrain Villa, Michael French
Creative Direction: Jessi Jacq
Photography: Helen Jade
Video & Score: Kalan Briggs
Styling: Mimi Kim
Styling Assistance: Shoji Sano
Art Direction: Anna Rizkalla
Graphic Design: Anna Rizkalla
Beauty: Will Metivier
Talent: Shabazz, Susy Oludele, Shernita So Fly